Our week long summer courses offer the chance to work with professional artists! Choose between Summer Story Makers and Picture This.

KS1 – KS2

KS1 – KS2 Workshops

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School Sessions available for Summer Term 2017
Come and join in the colourful fun with our glorious sparkling summer exhibition WILD ABOUT COLOUR, based on the picturebook illustrations of Brian Wildsmith and a gleaming line-up of illustrators inspired by him including Anthony Browne, David McKee and Mini Grey.

All sessions include time to engage with the Wild about Colour exhibition. Age categories are advisory only; all sessions can be differentiated to suit the abilities and needs of your class.

Wild about Elmer (EYFS – Year 1)
Listen to an Elmer story, then brighten a section of Elmer’s grey coat with your favourite colour using some splendid materials. This will magically transform into an elephant-shaped patchwork mural for your class to take back to school!

Wild about ABC (EYFS – Year 2)
Explore Brian Wildsmith’s beautiful ABC book. Then create a class alphabet, considering all the bright colours of objects around your school. Can you work together to take on the challenge?

Wild about Words (Year 2 – Year 8)
We will consider associations of colour, including how colour reflects our emotions. After discovering some examples from poems and films on how colour is used in interesting ways, such as through metaphor, abstract noun and pathetic fallacy, you will then have a go at writing a colour poem of your own.



Trickster Tales: explore storytelling
Listen to the story of Anansi the Spider – discover how he outwits his opponents, – and use the same structure to create your own trickster tale.

Curious Creatures: explore character and plot
Explore the many different roles animals play in stories, from kindly critters to brutish beasts.  Discover the techniques used by the authors in our exhibition, and use these to create your own animal character. Leave with a whole story plan.

Writing the Wild: explore language
Delve into the descriptive language used by our featured authors to bring their animal creations to snarling and purring life. Develop these devices into a lively poem about a creature of your choice.

Habitats on the Hoof: explore setting
Explore the settings of animal stories, and discover how to create an authentic atmosphere. Follow in the footsteps of The Story Museum designers to design your own installation inspired by The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

Wonder Walk: Oxford Fantasy Writers
Take a Wonder Walk through Oxford to see the places in the city that inspired the city’s most famous writers. Choose three authors from C S Lewis, J R R Tolkein, Lewis Carroll and Philip Pullman.

Day of Delight
A full day session – choose from any of the above workshops, and combine it with our Wonder Walk, at a reduced cost.

A Team workshop, children in audience. Pic Ed Nix, copyright The Story Museum 026A Team workshop, children in audience. Pic Ed Nix, copyright The Story Museum 029

Awesome Animal Day

Why not enjoy a whole day of animal fun with your class? We’ve teamed up with Oxford University Museum of Natural History for a super opportunity to combine animal-themed science and literacy sessions in this beautiful city.

10:00-12:00 – A session at the Story Museum or Oxford University Museum of Natural History.
12:00 – Walk to the other site, pointing out animals in the architecture along the way with our Mini Migration trail. Have lunch before or after at The Story Museum.
12:30 – A session at the other site.
14:30 – Finish.

Attend one of The Story Museum’s workshops, then use the time at the Museum of Natural History for inspired free writing amongst the animal displays, or choose from the selection of taught sessions (for a full list of workshops, see www.oum.ox.ac.uk/educate/teachers.htm)

Suggestion: Combine our Trickster Tales session –  featuring Anansi the Spider – with a live bug handling workshop to find out about more about spiders and insects and their amazing behaviour.