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Projects and partnerships

A photo of Claire, aged 15.

Each year we introduce a number of projects to try out new ideas or work with particular groups.  Here are some of our past and current schemes.

School Story Spaces

A funded project to enable a member of our education team to spend one day a week in a targetted primary school, working with the children to develop and steer a ‘story space’ and the activity within it. Using our experience of building engaging and magical installations here at The Story Museum, we design and install a ‘Story Ship’ within school to showcase a range of engaging literacy-themed activities within the space.

Extreme Reading Adventures

A funded project aimed at children who have been identified by their schools as ‘reluctant readers’. Once a week over six weeks, the children are given an ‘adventure’ to link in with the book that they have been reading. Examples include playing Quidditch with the Oxford University Quidditch Team after reading an extract from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and having a martial arts session after reading Varjak Paw. The programme is designed to help children make emotional connections with reading and to stimulate their desire to read, encouraging them to read for pleasure and thereby improving their literacy. In 2016 the project is being fully evaluated.

The Oxford Writer Squad

A monthly meeting for 16 Oxford teenagers to develop new skills and meet other aspiring young writers. Expertly guided by poet Paul Lyalls and associate Rasheeda Nalumoso, the group explored different forms of creative writing. 2014-15

Maggie’s Day

Maggie’s Day is a  special literary day for children. It was set up with The Story Museum to celebrate the life of Maggie Evans, a young literary agent with a passion for children’s literature, who died in November 2008.  Each year, a writer-in-residence at The Story Museum helps to engage young people in projects designed to inspire a continuing love and appreciation of books and stories. Ongoing

Heritage Story Skills

This training programme for volunteers enabled a group of local adults to learn about the myths, legends and fantasy literary heritage of Oxford and develop a range of heritage skills. The project was supported by the National Lottery, through the Heritage Lottery Fund. 2012.

Learning Through Stories

We worked with eight Oxford City primary schools to deliver Story Museum Storydays. The days started with a whole school oral storytelling performance for up to 250 children, followed by an interactive exhibition where exhibits are sequenced to follow the story narrative.  January 2013 to March 2015. Find out more.

Evaluating our projects

The impact of the work we do is important. Read some of our evaluation material.