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Past exhibitions

Children in Narnia installation

Other Worlds

May 2012
A collaboration with Dark Angels and local artists to animate the unrefurbished buildings with a series of intriguing and creative installations offering glimpses into other worlds of story and the imagination.

Tea with Alice

June – August 2012
The Alice books have been translated into 125 languages and interpreted by countless illustrators, artists and designers. This international exhibition, supported by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation,  showed how Carroll’s famous stories have inspired images across the world.

Rochester’s Extraordinary Story Loom

28 June 2012 – 16 September 2012
The story of Barnabas Rochester’s only surviving story manufacturing machine. Curated by The Story Museum’s artist-in-residence, Ted Dewan, this installation explored whether a machine could be any match for a pen, paper and human imagination when it came to making stories.

26 Characters: celebrating childhood story heroes

5 April 2014 – 22 February 2015
Many of Britain’s best loved writers and storytellers transformed themselves into the characters they most loved as children in an exciting interactive photographic exhibition. Read more.

Draw me a Story

31 March 2015 – 31 October 2015
A hands-on family-friendly exhibition featuring original artwork, prints and sketchbooks by much-loved and respected children’s illustrators Quentin Blake, Emily Gravett, Korky Paul, Mini Grey, Nick Sharratt and Yasmeen Ismail. The associated ‘Illustrator Zoo’ offered visitors the opportunity to watch artists and illustrators at work including Steve Antony, Korky Paul, Rob Jones, Vicky Mather, David Melling and many more.

Extreme Reading

 25 March 2015 – 3 January 2016
Our Extreme Reading gallery offered those brave enough to enter a host of ways to engage with reading in all forms. Read more. 

Happy Birthday Mr Burningham

21 March 2016 – 30 October 2016
John Burningham is one of the UK’s best-loved illustrators who celebrated his 80th birthday in April 2016. This exhibition explored Burningham’s extraordinary life through pictures, from the trail-blazing Borka: the Adventures of a Goose with no Feathers to the cherished Mr Gumpy’s Outing. With original artwork from a selection of Burningham’s picture books, the exhibition showed his unique gift for creating books that appeal across the generations and his use of widely different techniques to create unforgettable illustrations.