Our week long summer courses offer the chance to work with professional artists! Choose between Summer Story Makers and Picture This.

Our vision

Image: Small boy stands by a door, which reads: 'Walk right in and clap if you believe in fairies.'

We aim to become a world centre for story and storytelling.

We believe stories lie at the heart of our culture. They help us to develop the vital language, imaginative and emotive skills we need to understand the world and connect with each other.

A story rich environment

We believe that a wide variety of stories is essential for children and young people in particular, to help them fulfil their potential. Our vision is that children should grow up ‘rich in stories’.

We aim to achieve this through:

  • Persuasion: convincing adults how vital stories are
  • Example: showing 1001 inspiring ways to learn through stories
  • Support: sharing the skills and resources to make this possible

Read why stories matter

“We don’t need lists of rights and wrongs, tables of do’s and don’ts: we need books, time, and silence. Thou shalt not is soon forgotten, but ‘Once upon a time’ lasts forever.”
From Philip Pullman’s Carnegie Medal acceptance speech 1996