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Wild books

Image: three children reading a comic book.

Take a book, read it, then set it free…

How it works:

  • Come to The Story Museum
  • Pick up a wild book
  • Read it
  • Leave it somewhere safe and dry for another child to find.

If you’d like to donate any books to be released into the wild, just drop them off at The Story Museum.

Good places to release a book    

  • The Story Museum Wild Book Box
  • On a bus or train
  • In a waiting room
  • In a café
  • In a shop (but not a bookshop!)
  • In a hairdressers
  • In church
  • In school
  • At a sports club

Bad places to release a book

  • Underwater
  • On a motorway
  • On the edge of a cliff
  • In front of a tiger
  • Behind an elephant
  • In your dog’s bowl
  • Under your bed
  • On your bookshelf

Do you have a wild book? Send us an email to let us know where it is so that we can see how far afield they go!