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Did you know?

Exploring the Tea With Alice exhibition, 2012

Held back by ‘word poverty’

  • By age five, children in ‘word poor’ households have heard nearly 30 million fewer words than children from more privileged families.
  • More than half the children now starting school have inadequate speaking skills to start learning.
  • The life chances of one young person in five are restricted by functional illiteracy. This limits their access to education, information and employment.
  • Two out of three young offenders cannot read and four out of five cannot write.

… and in Oxfordshire

Oxfordshire is polarised by inequality in educational achievement, with some of the best and worst literacy rates in the country. Half the children leaving the primary schools serving Oxford’s ring road estates are functionally illiterate. The County’s GCSE results are in the lowest 5% in England and Wales.