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The Cat in the Hat

from The Cat in the Hat

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By Chris

A photo of Chris Bird dressed up as Seuss' The Cat in the Hat

Hats off to Dr Seuss!

When I was quite little

I’d hang by the gate

Of the primary school

‘Cos I just couldn’t wait

To join my big sister:

See, I longed to read,

I loved,


LOVED stories!

I did. Yes, indeed

But, when I got there,

Well, something went wrong

Somehow me and reading

Did NOT get along

Where others saw letters,

Just squiggles I’d see

Those marks on the page

They meant nothing to me


The books we were given,

Like Janet and John,

I found dull and hateful

I couldn’t move on

At seven, I started

To give up – deduce

That I’d NEVER read…

But then came Dr Seuss

The rhythms and rhymes

In The Cat in the Hat

Were funny and crazy:

Somehow, that was that!

The letters all shouted

Their names out at me

CAT: that’s a C

And an A and a T!

A P and an O

And another T: what

Does that spell?

It spells POT!


In minutes I’d read

Every word in the book!

And I went up to Miss

And said, Please, Miss, look!

“Look at me, look at me,

Look at me now,” Miss!

She looked up and smiled

And then gave me a kiss

Can it be, can it be

Can it be true?

Are you really reading?

You are? It is true?

So I read her the bit

‘bout the fish in the pot

Who warned the two children

Do not play! Do not!

Well Miss was amazed

And, while laughing out loud,

Said, Chris you have made me

So terribly proud

It wasn’t that long before

Foxes and chickens

in Ladybird books

Gave way to Charles Dickens

At home I would read in

The bath, and I spent

Every night reading –

My sheet was my tent


Those bri-nylon sheets

Made it more of a lark:

I’d wriggle, and static

Would crack in the dark

My torch I’d hold up

To my fingers and palm

To make them glow red

(No cause for alarm!)


Reading’s my passion

And always, for that

I’ll thank Dr Seuss

And The Cat in the Hat

The 26 writing group has worked with The Story Museum as part of its 26 Characters exhibition. The group have produced a collection of poems, and couldn’t resist being part of the gallery of favourite characters.

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