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1001 audio stories

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Please note that our 1001 Stories resource is currently unavailable whilst we carry out essential website maintenance. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. 

Fly your imagination around the world with inspirational stories to watch, hear, read and tell.

We aim to collect 1001 stories and story ideas for children to enjoy at school or home – and it’s all free. Our 1001 stories site contains audio and video recordings by leading storytellers of tales from around the world.

a treasure trove of tales for you to enjoy…

1001 stories allows you to choose a story in whichever way suits you best:

  • by theme
  • by origin
  • by age group

…again and again

  •     listen or watch stories as often as you like – they are all free
  •     retell the stories, with simple texts or pictures to prompt you

Oral stories come from many sources and evolve as they pass from teller to teller. If a storyteller has been influenced by a particular retelling we mention this. And if we know of a particularly good written version we include a reference.

Copyright: Creative copyright in each of these unique tellings belongs to the storyteller. The recordings are Crown Copyright.

Created with support from The Transformation Fund and The Barcapel Foundation.

Find the stories here.