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Philip Pullman

A photo of Philip Pullman dressed as Long John Silver looking at himself in a mirror

Philip Pullman

is Long John Silver from Treasure Island, (1883), by Robert Louis Stevenson

About Philip

Philip Pullman grew up in England, Zimbabwe, Australia and Wales. As a child he loved roaming outdoors and reading comics, especially Superman and Batman. When he was eleven he had an English teacher, Miss Enid Jones, who so inspired him that he still sends her copies of all his books. Philip studied English at Oxford and began his first novel the day after his final exams. He worked for twelve years as a teacher, delighting his pupils by telling myths and legends and creating thrilling plays. Later he trained teachers, encouraging them to tell stories and make learning fun. He has written over 30 books, graphic novels and plays, and is best known for His Dark Materials, an epic struggle across parallel universes. The Amber Spyglass, the second book in the series, made history by becoming the first children’s book to win the Whitbread Book of the Year Award.

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