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Michael Rosen

A close up photograph of Michael Rosen

Michael Rosen

is Till Eulenspiegel from German Folklore

About Michael 

Michael Rosen is a poet, performer, broadcaster,writer and academic. Both his parents were teachers, and he grew up in Harrow, Middlesex,  surrounded by stories, jokes and songs. When he left school he studied medicine, then swapped to English at Oxford University, becoming heavily involved in student drama. After two years at the BBC he started writing poetry for children, publishing Mind Your Own Business in 1974. Since then he has worked on over 140 books for readers of all ages, including non-fiction, novels, picture books, anthologies and retellings of classics and world stories, as well as collections of poetry. Michael has won numerous prizes and awards, was Children’s Laureate (2007–2009) and the Story Museum’s first Curator of Stories (2011–2013).

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