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Geraldine McCaughrean

A photo of Geraldine McCaughrean

Geraldine McCaughrean

is Bellerophon from Greek Mythology

About Geraldine 

Geraldine McCaughrean was born in London in 1951. As a child, she enjoyed reading, but loved writing even more as it allowed her to escape further into her imagination. After studying English literature at university she worked as a secretary, teacher, journalist and sub-editor, writing in her spare time. Gradually the hobby became the work she loves, which has resulted in over 160 books, 60 plays and a shelf of awards for her wide-ranging original fiction and vivid retellings of myths, legends and moments from history. In 2004, Geraldine won a national competition to write the sequel to Peter Pan, continuing the story of Peter, Wendy and the Lost Boys in Peter Pan in Scarlet.

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