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Anthony Horowitz

A photo of Anthony Horowitz

Anthony Horowitz

is Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde from Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, (1886), by Robert Louis Stevenson

About Anthony 

Anthony Horowitz is a prolific writer and screen writer with a special talent for mystery and suspense. Born in Middlesex into a wealthy family, he had an unhappy childhood and a miserable time at his first boarding school. He grew up loving stories, from Tintin to James Bond, and asked for a typewriter on his eighth birthday. Horowitz studied English at the University of York and published his first book at 22. Since then he has written over 60 books, four films and numerous television dramas, creating and writing such popular series as Foyle’s War, Collision and Injustice. He was commissioned to write a Sherlock Holmes sequel and his well-known Alex Rider stories have sold over 19 million copies and been made into a film.

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